Strength. Struggle.

Brené Brown is straight up amazing.  I try not to should on people, but you should check out her stuff at  As you get sucked in by her impossible-to-resist honesty and brilliance, you’ll find that one of her recurrent themes is the idea of how the human spirit both soars and struggles.  With so much eloquence, she describes how this is not only a normal part of life, but that there is merit in both strength and struggle.  I find application of this concept so incredibly critical in health, in diabetes management, and in life in general.  To give you a taste of what I’m talking about, I’ll share this excerpt from Brené which sits framed on my bathroom windowsill…

And then this reflection on my own strength and struggle, inspired by her words:

Strength: I know how to treat your hypoglycemia.

Struggle: I am terrified that I won’t react quick enough. I replay your eyes rolling back in your head and your sweaty body against the soaked sheets.

Strength: I can recite nutrition recommendations and make such recommendations materialize on your plate.

Struggle: I can’t control what you do or don’t eat at every meal. I can’t control when you are hungry and when you are not. I can’t control what you like and what you do not like.

Strength: Exercise is good for health. I like exercise. I want to exercise with you.

Struggle: Longing for past capability. Pride. Time.

Strength: I am a nutrition counselor. I can counsel you.

Struggle: I am your wife. You are my husband. You are my best friend.

Strength: I trust in His plan. I know we are right where we are supposed to be.

Struggle: My heart and my brain and my body hold a paralyzing fear of losing you.

Strength.  Struggle.

2 comments on “Strength. Struggle.

  1. Simply beautiful. Honest and heart wrenching.


  2. Michele Brinsfield

    I absolutely love Brene Brown and call on her often for my own struggles.

    Liked by 1 person

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