Type 1 Diabetes: a Part of our Story

If you caught the Golden Globes last night, you know the overarching theme of the night was speaking truth and telling one’s story.  In between watching amazing, strong woman after amazing, strong woman grace the stage, did you catch the Apple Watch commercial?  For the first time (that I’ve noticed) it made T1D a part of their story very publically.  It means so much to me, because T1D is woven into my story, to see a company help normalize a disease that can so often make an individual feel ostracized and alone.  What exciting progress in both health technology and in the human spirit.  See the commercial here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-x8Ik9G5Dg&mnid=seyK8YyoZ-dc_mtid_20925qtb42335_pcrid_243991882682&cid=-slid–&muid=997018c2-7899-48dd-9a2d-acb40634073c&mtid=20925qtb42335&aosid=p238.

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