Partner Support

The(type) anticipates hosting a Cincinnati-based T1D partner support group.  The group will likely meet bi-monthly (every other month) in a casual environment to provide an opportunity for discussion about the unique experience that is living with, loving and supporting a person with T1D.  The(type)1ilove partner support group is intended to:

  • Provide a supportive space for partners of persons with T1D to discuss how T1D feels through their eyes
  •  Share joys, challenges, fears, etc. related to T1D that one wouldn’t necessarily share with the person with T1D that they love
  • Learn about T1D as a disease state and discuss ways to promote self-care in one’s self and in the person with T1D
  • Offer an opportunity to meet new friends and socialize with others that share a common experience

Are you interested in participating?  Would an online forum be more accessible?  Feedback welcome 🙂

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